Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Project 12 – Connecting shots

Exercise 15: Repeating the Mosjukhin experiment
Here are my attempts at the Mosjukhin experiment. I found that re-ordering the clips only made sense (to me anyway) for one of them. See what you think. I’ll post the narrative I was aiming for after I have received your comments.
Mosjukhin 1

Mozjukhin from Richard Down on Vimeo.

Mosjukhin 2

Mozjukhin 2 from Richard Down on Vimeo.

Mosjukhin 3

Mozjukhin 3 from Richard Down on Vimeo.

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Project 11 – Screen Space


Exercise 14: Two people communicating

Having read the script and briefed my actors, I have planned my storyboard based on two old friends who recognise each other across the street. This time I have scaled my storyboard to the 16:9 frame of my camera to illustrate positions in the frame.

Frame 01Frame 02
Fade in - Medium shot, Sarah on bench next to road on left of frame.Medium shot, Dan waiting at bus stop across the road.
Frame 03Frame 04
Medium close up, Sarah looks up and across the street at Dan, flicker of recognitionExtreme close up, (try zooming in from the previous shot) as Sarah tries to remember.
Frame 05Frame 06
Dan looks up and across at Sarah. Medium close up.Sarah smiles at Dan and remembers him.
Frame 07
Long shot of Dan starting to cross the road - fade out.

Many thanks to Julie and Cavan for their help in putting together this sequence. It happened remarkably quickly and we avoided the rain.
I think I got what was required and as this is my first time using actors, it went quite well. The depiction of communication across a space (the main road) works.
Because of the different levels of traffic noise behind each shot, I recorded a separate sound track once I knew how long the sequence would be, I lowered the volume and added it to the audio track. Please give me your feedback on this sequence.

Screen Space from Richard Down on Vimeo.