Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Project 12 – Connecting shots

Exercise 15: Repeating the Mosjukhin experiment
Here are my attempts at the Mosjukhin experiment. I found that re-ordering the clips only made sense (to me anyway) for one of them. See what you think. I’ll post the narrative I was aiming for after I have received your comments.
Mosjukhin 1

Mozjukhin from Richard Down on Vimeo.

Mosjukhin 2

Mozjukhin 2 from Richard Down on Vimeo.

Mosjukhin 3

Mozjukhin 3 from Richard Down on Vimeo.

Please add your comments below.


  1. Hi Richard
    What I got from the sequence was a feeling of passing time - autumn leaves falling, the ebb and flow of the sea, the ship sailing away. Don't think the reordering made any difference to that feeling. I did find the sound a bit offputting, especially the background music when we saw your face and thought it distracted the viewer a bit. But I am no expert!
    Onwards and upwards
    Best wishes

  2. The shots of your head appeared too quickly for me - I wasn't able to read your face in time before the next shot started.

    Overall, I got the impression that the character is bored and would rather be outside doing various other activities. At first I felt the person may want to be by the beach or out at sea, but the inclusion of the park area confused me a little.

    Narrative: I found it a little difficult to follow a specific narrative and instead got more of a 'feeling'; this resulted in me feeling the same way about each of the three versions. I think seeing one or two extra scenes may have helped with the narrative.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Richard

    As Stuart wrote I also thought that the person is bored. Maybe something strange happened and he is distracted, sad etc. I think it supports the green colour behind you.

    My feelings are that something is ending (ended) (the sailing ship away, the falling leaves) and it does not matter how the shots are distributed. I do not know how to explain the sea shot maybe there should be more shots as Stuart suggested.

    Did you want the sound of the song in background?


  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. Stuart, I agree, I trimmed the shot of my face too short and Emil, Margaret, the background music was a mistake, I should have cut it out. I think you all got some idea of the "feeling" of the shots even if the narrative (what there is of it) wasn't that obvious. This is really autobiographical, I've decided to retire early (time passing, autumn leaves) the shoreline also represents the limitation or boundary of my working life and the ship sailing away is an escape from the 9 to 5.
    In reality, I'm about to book a a 5 week sailing trip across the South Atlantic from Brazil to South Africa, working as crew on a Dutch Schooner. I feel another project coming on!

  5. Good for you Richard! And your sailing trip sounds wonderful. Hope we can see some of your footage from the trip sometime...
    Best wishes

  6. Thanks Margaret, the deed is now done, I've resigned, booked my flight & my berth. The schooner Oosterschelde leaves Santos Brazil on 31st March and arrives (via Tristan da Cunha) Cape Town on 4th May. I did one TAOP assignment on board earlier this year so I'll see if I can tie up at least one DPP assignment while I'm there. I'm hoping to have finished DFP by then but I will of course be filming anyway!