Friday, 23 August 2013

Viewing Non-narrative films

The first film I watched was Symmetry: 2m 54s
It presented a very simple idea – balance. There was a narrative, it was just a view of life in terms of the way things go together.
  • Yes, there was a journey, or the many journeys that we take in life. This caused me to reflect on my life.
  • This was achieved by using a split screen showing a pairing of things, objects, animals, people, which in most people’s minds are associated.
  • There was a delay of four or five pairs before I got the hang of the film, from then it was very simple to understand. First I thought it was about opposites but then realised that it was more, it was about balance, i.e. one thing counteracts another.
  • The most memorable pair was the final one with a new-born infant crying and an old man lying dead on a hospital bed with a continuous tone from his heart monitor. The ultimate summary of life.

DFP scans014
The next one was called Record  (2m 33s) This was bit more complex at first viewing with four different scenes shown in rotation a the camera panned clockwise as if on a record turntable (the film starts and ends with the pickup arm being placed and lifted from the record.
  • Two of the scenes were do do with discord, a young couple arguing in an bedroom and two old men falling out over a game of chess.
  • The other two scenes were about harmony, a party where people were enjoying themselves and a dance studio where two girls are rehearsing a duet
  • As the scenes changed the discordant people were reconciled and the record in switched off showing the dance studio. The party winds down showing a near empty room.
  • I was trying to find a link between the scenes and the final caption “Hello,  again” forged the link and I thought, old enmities forgotten friends reliving the good times. Three act narrative.
  • The film was an advert for Lincoln Cars – a re-launch I would guess.

DFP scans015

  • The “making of” video is here The film was less direct in its motivation, the four scenes were different ways in which people respond to music. The lyrics of the music are what gave me my idea; “We used to be so happy, I miss you”
  • Not really an advert but an initiative by Corporate America:
“The Lincoln Motor Company is proud to partner with Vimeo to explore new collaborations with emerging artists. Join us as we say, “Hello, Again” to classic ideas. What we reveal just might surprise you.”

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