Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Exercise: Telling a story - my own story

I’ve chosen a very simple narrative as my own example. I’ll wait for comments before reflecting on my efforts.
Ex01 DFP_pt2
Ex01 DFP_pt2c
Ex01 DFP_pt2b


  1. Hi Richard
    I'm back into OCA mode again - and having a look at what people have posted on their blogs. I really like this story told in 5 pictures. very clear and detailed drawings! And I could follow the narrative easily. I could see him in his run down street, then at home with his dreams of going climbing, buying a lotto ticket, winning and then his dream coming true.
    Lots of action, ( and rather scary woman selling lotto tickets (!))
    Just two minor things I had to re-look in order to 'get':
    1) I wasn't totally sure that it was the same man in pic 1 and pic 2.
    2) in pic 2, I didn't notice the picture on the wall of a person climbing. Perhaps a close-up of him reading a climbing mag might make his dream more prominent. (just a thought)
    Great stuff

  2. Thanks for the comments Emily. I tried to make sure that it appeared to be the same man in 1 & 2 by showing his hoodie but I was obviously being too subtle. My scan of the drawing didn't pick up the title of the book on the table. It actually read "Mountaineering". One reason I changed to using the graphics tablet. See what you mean about the zombie like lotto lady!