Saturday, 17 March 2012

Project 2–Function of a frame

Exercise 2: Building a story
I was looking through my recent photographs and came across this image of “Fishwives” that I had taken on the quay at Tarrafal in Santiago. There was a lot of chat going on (in Creole of course) so I have put my tongue firmly in my cheek and thought up a possible conversation to tell a story:

Renata: (while dialling her mobile) ”Augusta, have you seen Sofia this morning? This is the fourth time this month she hasn’t shown up.”
Augusta: “She’s probably got a hangover again, she’s getting too fond of the bottle that one.”
Carina: “It’s true!  There’s a pile of bottles this high next to her bin. Last week she fell flat on her face in the pigsty. You could smell her long before you could see her.”
Rosalina: (whispers) “Why don’t they leave the poor girl alone? She’s got enough to cope with. Everybody knows her husband is carrying on with that floozy Helena. It’s no wonder she drinks.”
Rita: “Shhh, Helena is over there behind us, she thinks nobody knows about her and Roberto. It’s none of our business. I’m staying out of it.”
Constanza: (whispers) “Well I hope you’re satisfied Helena, see what you’re doing to that poor woman. I still don’t understand what you see in that waster, if he can cheat on his wife, he’ll just as soon cheat on you.”
Helena: “Oow, stop pulling! Did it occur to you that Roberto might be looking for a girl  with some self respect? At least with me he has the chance to show he’s a real man and not tied down to some lush!”

A bit like a soap opera I know but you can image the situation quite easily.

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